Studio Services

NuMynd Studios is a full-service production facility owned and operated by PK Pictures.
NuMynd’s two in-house sound stages make PK Pictures an easy choice for clients who enjoy having it all in one place.

Enjoy a full complement of lighting, gripage, a workshop, and plenty of ready-to-assemble set pieces. The studio support spaces include several spacious green rooms, spare producers’ offices, dressing rooms, two full-service kitchens, and professional make-up facilities.

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NuMynd Studio A
Studio A is a perfect place for large scale projects, BIG infinity white cyclorma, or large special effects green-screen shooting.
NuMynd Studio B
Studio B is for smaller setups and special effects shooting. Uniquely designed as an eco-friendly sound-stage, Studio B is pre-lit with high-output, low heat T5-HO daylight-balanced lighting.
Standing Sets
Built from the ground up by long-time film and video professionals, PK Pictures’ NuMynd Studios was designed to allow each and every room to serve as a standing set. The building lobby is a favorite place to grab quick interview footage or capture music performance shots.

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